A Wonderful Start to Fall

Stanley Elementary’s garden club has been having a really wild time gardening and looking for nice food to eat.  So far this season we have harvested pumpkins, tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, mint, husk cherries, and oxalis. This week marked the time for tomatoes existing in the garden this season has ended. A new time of winter preparation was thought about as the old tomato stems were removed and the soil in the tomato beds were turned over. In order to make the garden a more level place, the Garden Club helpers dug up and leveled uneven areas of land. Then the kids went to the tomatoes and saw that they were beginning to be on their way out.At Chesterbrook Community Center it has been all about the tomatoes and raspberries.  There was a bed full of bright orange heirloom tomatoes were just ready to be eaten.  Elsewhere there were tomatoes and raspberry bushes that children collected and gave to each other.  Also the kids built a fence out of stakes fashioned out of branches and twine.  It was a really nice time that also involved a great deal of understanding. 


About healthywaltham

Healthy Waltham is a civic group committed to improving the quality of life for people who live, work, and learn in Waltham. Based on the Healthy Communities movement spreading across Massachusetts, Healthy Waltham embraces the principles of community involvement, shared community values, a vision for the future, and community based solutions. Healthy Waltham's Garden Blog intends to inform students, parents, and city residents about our activities in the public schools, community centers, and around town. Questions and comments should be sent to blog@healthy-waltham.org.
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