Worm Party

Worms are now at Healthy Waltham.

We started a worm bin and it is filled with worms.  The bedding is filled with newspaper and the food they eat is all vegetable scraps.  The reason for vegetable scraps is because anything else will invite fruit flies, but not that worms eat many things!

Worms are really great. They are a bit smaller and redder than worms you would typically find in a garden, but these worms are red wigglers and they are the best worms for composting.


About healthywaltham

Healthy Waltham is a civic group committed to improving the quality of life for people who live, work, and learn in Waltham. Based on the Healthy Communities movement spreading across Massachusetts, Healthy Waltham embraces the principles of community involvement, shared community values, a vision for the future, and community based solutions. Healthy Waltham's Garden Blog intends to inform students, parents, and city residents about our activities in the public schools, community centers, and around town. Questions and comments should be sent to blog@healthy-waltham.org.
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